Friday Talks

Screenshot Verifications and Visual Verification Points

Speaker: Clemens Anhuth

Screenshot and Visual Verification Points are great tools for verifying actual appearance on the screen, and more. In this track we will discuss what Screenshot and Visual Verifications Points are, how to use them and the typical problems in their use and how to overcome these problems.

When and How to Use Image Search and OCR

Speaker: Jarosław Kubik

The Object-based testing approach employed by Squish is very powerful and flexible, but not always sufficient. We talk about two Squish features that allow one to locate items not represented in the object model, namely Image-based search and OCR integration. We'll present common problems, challenges and limitations of these methods and ways in which these obstacles can be overcome.

Getting Started on HMI Testing of Embedded Devices

Speaker: Slobodan Vrkacevic

From coffee machines to medical devices, small computers are getting embedded almost everywhere. Often, these devices have a display and their HMI is implemented using Qt.

This talk gives an introduction to testing of Qt applications which run on operating systems of such devices (Embedded Linux, QNX, Windows CE).

Best Approaches to Qt Quick GUI Testing

Speaker: Stefan Gehn

Handle the flexibility of Qt Quick-based GUIs with Squish. Improve object identification in tests, as well as script recordings and learn how to access QML objects.

Environment Data Validation with Squish

Speaker: David Anchondo

Building & integrating a Data Validation module to the Squish automation tool that allow contiguous automated test execution. The Data Validation module synthesizes & validates test data at critical inflex points throughout the automated test execution process to keep test data relevant & fresh. In addition, this critical Data Validation module also allows stringing of discreet automated test cases to exchange data for a contiguous execution.

Embedded Device GUI Testing with Squish using a Board Farm Cloud

Speaker: Harish Bansal

The explosive growth of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and adoption of open source operating systems such as Linux and Android has forced application and system developers to perform User Interface and functional tests on devices in an automated way. This trend has resulted in the need for what is now a well-known concept — a board farm cloud.

This presentation will demonstrate how Timesys’ Board Farm Cloud and automated GUI testing with froglogic's Squish can help you reduce development costs and accelerate your product time to market.

Load testing with Squish

Speaker: Tobias Nätterlund

In a client-server architecture, ensuring the server can run perfectly, even under load, is as vital as making sure the client functionality is correct. In some cases, you can have your Squish tests talk directly to the server in order to test the functionality under load, but in order to set up as realistic server usage scenarios as possible, it would be beneficial to instead use Squish's playback functionality for controlling multiple clients simultaneously, and have them talk to the server the way they normally would during daily usage.

In this talk, the presenter will outline an approach for load testing a server backend by controlling multiple client frontends simultaneously. We will discuss a number of challenges you may run into, and various approaches of attacking them. As we will start from the basics, no previous Squish knowledge is necessary.

Squish and Coco: Fit for Safety-Critical Applications?

Speaker: Harri Porten

International standards like IEC 62304 and ISO 26262 regulate the development of safety-critical software in the medical, automotive and other industries. Naturally, testing is a critical part of the process.

We will look at the recommended activities that can be covered in an automated fashion through tools like Squish and Coco.

The replacement of manual testing activities demands having equivalent confidence in the tool, however. We will review the risks associated with usage of a tool and propose measures to gain the needed confidence. Part of this consideration will be best practises for the development of tests.

Mobile and Web Testing: How to Abstract Scripts for Cross-Platform Testing

Speaker: Tomasz Pawłowski

For Mobile and Web Applications, Squish can record all your test scripts, but you wouldn't want to create code like this for real-world automated tests. The talk will show you how to avoid code duplication and abstract your code to create a maintainable test framework for Cross-Platform Testing.

GUI Testing in DevOps: Challenges and Solutions for Continuous Integration

Speaker: Jakub Topolski

DevOps approach to software creation and delivery is getting more and more popular. On a daily basis, engineers are facing different problems with introducing GUI test automation to their application lifecycle. We will talk about requirements, common problems, obstacles and solutions that might be useful in your organization.

Getting the Most Out of the Squish IDE

Speaker: Andreas Pakulat

The Squish IDE is a central piece of the Squish GUI Tester for most users in creating, maintaining and running their tests. When spending so much time with a tool, it is important that the tool does not get in the way and is being used efficiently.

Want to know how to make more use of keyboard shortcuts? Want to analyze test results coming from the CI system? Then join us in this talk where we will explore some of the lesser known areas and features of the IDE in order to leverage its full potential.

Introduction to Test Coverage with Squish Coco

Speaker: Sebastian Paulsen

Writing test for your software requires optimized tests. These tests should cover all the necessary parts of your (C/C++/C#/QML) project, but do they really cover it? Squish Coco can help you measure the coverage of your tests, find those which are redundant and which don't fit your test requirements. Squish Coco gets the coverage of your tests and allows you to get different metrics of coverage.

Test Results: Reporting & Analysis, Requirements and Test-Management

Speaker: Nico Kaufmann

Introduction to Squish Test Center, a new product developed by froglogic to help you analyze your test results. The talk will give you an overview of how you can store, organize and browse your test results with the Squish Test Center to verify that all testing went smoothly or quickly get on top of the latest test failures.

Furthermore the talk will show how you can integrate your Requirements and Test-Management software like JIRA or TestRail with Squish Test Center to achieve traceability and forward results between the different management systems.

Squish: Everything You Always Wanted to Know But Never Dared to Ask

Speaker: Frerich Raabe

Over the years, the Squish GUI Tester got its share of surprising quirks, strange oddities and rough edges. In this light-hearted talk, a selection of the least known and most amusing "features" of Squish is presented.

Ever browsed through the Squish manual and wondered why a certain function exists? Ever had your eyebrows go north when inspecting a list of command line arguments? Then this talk might be just the right thing for you!