Thursday Workshops

Workshop 1

Speakers: Jakub Topolski & Jarosław Kubik

If you've just started with Squish or haven't touched it yet, this workshop will be a good starting point for you. At the same time, if you are a long time Squish user, you might want to refresh your knowledge or get basic information about new features.

During the training, we will cover the most important Squish concepts with theoretical modules, demonstrations and practical exercises. We will work with an example application to ensure that all participants will finish the workshop with a working and robust test suite.

We are going to focus on:

  • Squish IDE basics
  • Test script creation and execution (Record and playback; Verification points; Test results and logging; Shared functions; Data-driven testing; Debugging)
  • Object recognition and the Object Map
  • Time-based, object-based and conditional synchronization
  • Advanced test execution & automated batch testing

Workshop 2:

Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Speakers: Tomasz Pawłowski & Andreas Pakulat

BDD has been in use for quite a while in the software industry by now and is a proven tool by now. Squish has gained support for this technique a while ago and in this workshop we will demonstrate how Squish can be used for creating and maintaining GUI tests.

We will cover the basic creation of Squish BDD tests including recording of steps, extending step implementations, how to share data between steps and using hooks for setup and cleanup tasks. Then we will look at how to execute the newly created BDD tests using tags, analyse the generated reports and finally look into advanced topics like Scenario Outlines, tables and multiple step files.

Automation & Integration

Speakers: Christian Franke & Stefan Gehn

Writing tests is just the beginning! Scheduled executions will go along with the analysis of the test results. Learn some best practices for your automated test setup and also some small tricks to get around common pitfalls.

Workshop 3:

Test Scripting & Refactoring

Speakers: Clemens Anhuth & Sebastian Paulsen

To develop test scripts efficiently, many topics must be considered and be put to correct and good use.

This workshop focuses on efficient development workflows, creating and extending test scripts, refactoring recorded scripts into reusable functions, code completion/syntax help in the Squish IDE, test script debugging, synchronization, iterating over child objects, iterating over container object contents, and accessing the native API of widgets from test scripts.

Object Identification

Speakers: Florian Turck & Nico Kaufmann

Get insights into how Squish identifies GUI controls and learn how to tweak the object recognition following best practices to get the most out of your test automation efforts. After this workshop, you will easily master test automation in tricky cases and be able to create robust tests which will stand the test of time.